A midnight memory from Jordan.

Suddenly, out of the blue, one gets extremely close to something that is almost beyond imagination. For sure we had our hopes to find a Desert Owl on the night drives while scanning for foxes and hyenas in the desert, using our torches to find any glimpse of an eye reflection.

Desert Owl / Västlig klippuggla (Strix hadorami)

There, suddenly! As we just had left the plains of the Dead Sea behind us, following the winding road up to the mountains again, it happened. On the roadside by a deep gully, an owl in the car headlights! So close, so confiding. More than 30 years ago I got a poor distant view of the enigmatic Desert Owl in Israel. I have only a vague memory from that occasion. This time the memory will never fade away.


Posted by Lars Petersson at 3:30 PM