This gallery displays photos from a tour to New Zealand in three parts! The first is from a couple of days on Chatham Island with my wife Anita. We had the Grande Finale there, highlighted by a close encounter with the endangered Taiko (Magenta Petrel) as part of our Oceanic Honeymoon… Part two is a short one; I and Jonas took the ferry from Auckland to Rangitoto Island in pursuit for Shore Dotterel and had great success. The day after that we set off on Part 3, a 21-day Wrybill Birding Tour led by Phil Hammond. The 8 of us had a great time with him as our guide and we saw just about everything possible from north to south and had 4 days of fantastic Pelagics too. The first 6 photos in this gallery, represent some of the most wanted or unique targets on the trip. The rest are uploaded chronologically.