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Central Peru

Peru is a marvelous country for birdwatching, so even though this was my third visit, I know that I’ll return here again . The habitats in Peru are so diverse, with deserts just by the shores of the r... Read more >
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Whiskered Terns at Draven!

Whiskered Terns are extremely rare visitors to Sweden, with first records as late as 1989.On last Saturday, two Whiskers showed up in lake Draven, only half an hour away from home. The birds were very... Read more >

Welcome to My World of Bird Photography! This site represents the 5098 bird species (as of July 2020) I have been photographing worldwide in the past two decades. My photos have been published in hundreds of books and magazines, and since I’m keen on bird conservation, photos are donated to not-for-profit organisations, education and research. This will continue with this relaunched site that originally went live in 2008.

If you are looking for images of a certain species, please use the search function in the menu bar. Inside a gallery, explore the sort function if you like. You can sort by taxonomy, species name, by date etc… Back and forth. If you find a photo that you would like to publish or use in any other way, please contact me first.

Naming and taxonomy intend to follow IOC World Bird List.

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