The Winter Fisher

The Common Kingfisher is among the most colorful birds in Europe and is high up on the favorite list for many birders. For sure this gem is on my top list, but it´s only on rare occasions I get a chance to get close to this bird. Kingfishers are on the outskirts of their distribution here and used to be quite rare in Sweden. Climate change, I suppose, have brought milder winters to us and more birds survives to see the next breeding season. Thus, we find Kingfishers more regularly these days, but to have them to pose for the camera is a different story. The Kingfisher I met this time was different and very cooperative, and the light that reflected from ice and snow brought out the colors in a brilliant way.

The Kingfisher dives to the water with a splash!

The Kingfisher search patiently from its post.

The flight last only for a second, but...

...sometimes it stops and hovers briefly to have a closer look for the prey.

Undigested parts from a previous meal comes up the same way.

The Kingfisher search tirelessly for the next meal...
Posted by Lars Petersson at 10:08 PM