We had only three distinct goals on this one-week trip; 1. Look for Iberian Lynx. 2. Find an Iberian Lynx. 3. Photograph an Iberian Lynx. We succeeded well on the first two of these goals already on our first morning at Sierra de Andújar in Andalucia. Later on that same day we got close enough, but still a little to far away (700 meters) to get some distant photos of the Lynx. Sierra de Andújar is a beautiful area, rich in wildlife and birds, so we instantly felt that we were going to revisit this area again in the future, preferable when the Lynxes are more active, in December-January. Since we got the Iberian Lynx in the bag so early on the trip, we now had the opportunity to bird other areas, like La Serena for steppe species and Sierra Nevada for alpine species. I have added a few images from an other very short trip in December 2016 at the end of this gallery.