Our days in Vanuatu was the first leg on my and Anita’s South-west Pacific Honeymoon Tour. Naturally, we wanted to see all the endemics, but this is very difficult since some of those are virtually inaccessible or have not been recorded for many years. We left out Pic Santo, a place that can be quite expencive, misserable and messy due to previous reports. In retrospect, we feel very content with that decision. We saw (7)8 out of 10 endemics at only two sites; Loru Rainforest Protected Area on Espiritu Santo and Vanua Lava in Banks Islands. Vanua Lava is a very friendly and easy-going place where one can see some of the birds that are difficult on Espiritu Santo with ease and within walking distance from the small town of Sola. The first 6 photos in this gallery, represent some of the most wanted or unique targets on the trip. The rest are uploaded chronologically.